Important Announcement!!!

Good Day Members


Welcome Back - I am so pleased that at long last we have arrived at level 2 of the lockdown. It has been a long period of nearly five months with no hiking for many of you. I am delighted to say that all hiking activities (Sunday, Wednesday, Away Hike and Kloofing) and social activities will resume.


EXCO has received a copy of the latest Government Gazette. The government has imposed certain restrictions and we need to go through this document to make sure we comply. In the case of hiking it is much easier than other industries like gyms and sport clubs.


We are looking at resuming Wednesday Hiking activities on Wednesday  26th August and Sunday Hiking activities on Sunday 30th August 2020. We are scheduled to have a Foothold Weekend camp from Friday 28th August to Sunday 30th August 2020. You can be rest assured that we are planning to make sure that all these events happen.


There is a possibility that there may be one or two changes to the August/September hiking programme.   A revised hiking programme for August and September will be sent to you shortly, as soon as we have confirmation from our new venues.


When we start hiking we ask all members to observe the 3 W’s. COVID – 19 regulations will be around for a while.

  •          Wear a mask.

  •          Wash your hands, carry a hand sanitiser when hiking.

  •          Walk a safe distance (1.5m) from your fellow hikers.


Stay Safe

Kind Regards 

Philip Welchman

South Africa's Premier Hiking Club

Since 1931, the Johannesburg Hiking Club has welcomed people from all walks of life who love this beautiful country and want to preserve its natural wonders .


Members get to enjoy the fun and adventure of hiking our awesome mountains,  and discovering and exploring new and fantastic places. We offer Wednesday hikes, Sunday hikes, adventure and leisure hikes, base camp and backpacking weekends, slide shows, club evenings, and social events. 


So if you are looking for a hiking family, you want to get fit, or you just want to escape the stress of the city, then the Johannesburg Hiking Club is for you.  We are the premier hiking club in South Africa, after all.


For Castle Gorge permits or booking info for our away hikes, email, or call 078 885 6505 during office hours,  

and Audrey will be more than happy to assist you.



We’d love to hear from you! Contact us with your questions, comments and suggestions.


Office hours:

Monday - Friday (08:30 - 12:30 CAT)

(Closed Weekends & Public Holidays)

078 885 6505

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