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To become a member and enjoy all the perks, including hiking and camping at Foothold and Castle Gorge for free, then you are on the right page. Here are some more benefits:

  • You will get added to our mailing list .

  • You will receive discounts and offers from various outdoor retailers.

  • You will pay less for our Sunday and Wednesday hikes.

  • You get preferential bookings for our away hikes.

  • Camp at Foothold/Hikers Haven, and Castle Gorge, any time of the year.

  • You get a say in the running and future of the club.

So how do you become a member?

To become a member is super easy. You need to hike with the club on one occasion before applying for membership - this is so that we can see if you are fit enough to hike with us and for you to get a taste and see if hiking is for you.

You simply meet at the hiking venue for your first hike (you do not need to book or telephone). Contact the office to obtain a hiking program for the month ahead.


After the hike, ask the leader of the day for an application form and get them to sign it off.

You then complete and sign the indemnity, and send it to club administrator, together with your Proof of Payment.  We will then process your membership.

How much does it cost to join?

Annual subscriptions are due and payable on 1 January each year. 

New members are required to pay a once-off 
Registration Fee in addition to the Annual Subscription.

2024 fees kick in on 01 January 2024.  Registration Fee is R300 (Students R150).

Month that Membership Application is made

               Jan-June       Jul-Sept         Oct-Dec             + Registration Fee

Ordinary (Single)                           R540               R270               R135                             R300​

Family (dependents to 18yr)        R810               R405               R203                             R300

Student (Full time studies)           R270               R135               R150                             R150

More information

Kindly check the program for the cost of the various hikes, and any other costs which may be mentioned.


Visitors are required to pay a VISITORS FEE for each hike, trail or camp they attend, in addition to the normal event. These fees are shown in the program.


Members get preference over visitors when booking camps, trails and number-restricted Sunday hikes.


For our current hikes program, please email us at

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