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Suikerboschfontein - Away Hike

Rugged and scenic with gorges and rock pools, abundant bird life and fern-filled ravines, a “Baboon Hotel” and ancient ruins, Suikerboschfontein hiking trail is both beautiful and fascinating as I and 12 fellow members of the Johannesburg Hiking Club recently discovered. It was my first away hike. The lucky group of 13, from left to right: Rod, Ellen, Asher, Alice, Kim, Lorraine, Janet, Nick, Mary, Tracy, Steve. Kneeling in front: Mark and Anthony. Located on a farm in the Carolina district of Mpumalanga, Suikerboschfontein is approximately 220km from Johannesburg and although designated a backpack trail, there are two overnight camps with bunk beds, bathrooms and self-catering facilities. T

Remhoogte – Sunday Hike

Your welcome at the elegant, self-catering Remhoogte Mountain Lodge, the starting point for the hike, is likely to include families of warthogs and, if you are fortunate, the elusive kudus that also call this farm home. The good news is that the owner has plans to stock up with several other antelope species which means a bigger reception “committee” for Johannesburg Hiking Club members in the near future. One of the many appealing factors about the Remhoogte hike is its easy access; located in the southern Magaliesberg on the Gauteng/North West border it’s just 60kms, an hour in travelling time from the group departure point in Pineslopes. The main attraction though are the gullies that fo