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Whale Trail 25 - 30 August 2015

Twelve intrepid members of the Jobug Hiking Club gathered at Potberg the afternoon of Tuesday 25 August to begin the hike....our leader, Ron White, had taken care to arrive in the morning to see that all was in good order. The first challenge was a troop of rather aggressive baboons who had the disagreeable habit of sticking their large heads into open windows and, to steal Clive’s prize packet of kudu boerewors!. All well organized, briefed and re-packed we set out on a misty morning for the long first day. We were treated to a large number of Cape vultures soaring thru the mist and views of the Breede river valley from the highest point of the hike. This portion of the trail had some of th

Drakensberg 8 - 10 August 2015

As Giants Castle has no camping facilities, we stayed at White Mountain resort on Friday night. Just to let you know the cost for a 6 bed chalet is R1700.00 per night, and a camp site is R125.00 per person or R250.00 for a 4 person camp site per night. The food at the restaurant is R140.00 each. It was a pleasant hike, the weather was perfect, and the company was good. Early Saturday morning we all set off to Giants castle KZN resort. A distance of 25km from White Mountain resort. At 7.45 am we were all ready to start our hike. It is quite a distance to reach the top of Giants Ridge. We arrived there by 3.00 pm. At the top Gert Jan mentioned that the MCSA were doing abseiling and climbing ex