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Brenton-on Sea to Victoria Bay 4 - 10 Jan 2015

It was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon as I descended the hill into Brenton on Sea to meet up with my fellow hikers of the JHC. The Benton on Sea Cottages were excellent, well equipped and nicely furnished. Little did we realise that this would be the best of our overnight stops for the coming week. A get together for a briefing session round a braai, and watching a gorgeous sunset over the sea, ended off the day, and we went to bed full of expectations for the unknown challenges that lay ahead. Di had just completed a long hike and was keen to drive to the next overnight stop, so several of us took the option to “slack pack” any surplus non essentials in her car. That is always a great hel

New Year Celebrations 28 Dec 2014 - 1 Jan 2015

Members started arriving and settling down to the peace and quiet of Foothold from Sunday 28. There were a lot of comings and goings over the 5 days which made for a mix of friendships and varied conversations. There were clouds over the mountains first thing most mornings but these cleared as the sun rose and the heat increased but this did not stop the general maintenance around Foothold taking place with a couple of hikes being organised. The grass was mowed, Hikers Haven cleaned, some path clearing achieved, water pipeline checked, front door repaired, road run offs cleaned out etc etc. A big THANK YOU needs to go to all those who assisted with these ‘chores’. A great start to the ce