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Kids Christmas Party – JHC 22nd to 24th November 2020

We attended the JHC kids Christmas party for the first time November 2019 and it felt like a birthday party on steroids! From the excitement of some groups arriving Friday evening with other families on Saturday morning the kids were simply thrilled to be camping and away from home and were jubilant just mingling with other equally excited children. We were very surprised and impressed at what we thought was going to be a subdued weekend with a Santa visit. It was one of the first hot weekends of the season with plenty of water draining from the single Foothold water fountain however it didn’t stop the children giving their all to the snake foil challenge, the rope course, the cake decorating, jumbo Jenga and fishing for magnets the games took me back to my own youth. The most impressive and inspiring was definitely Captain Sparrow and the Pirate of Penzance and his loyal mate handing out pirate eye masks and the hunt for treasure using a real compass and map, the map looked like it had been dug from someone’s attic and the chests dug up full of wonderful edible surprises for all the children to enjoy. Then on the Sunday morning the kids were delighted to go out in the bush looking for Santa along the bird trail and by the time they reached the Foothold hut there he was in flesh and blood – Santa Claus – what an absolute delight for all the children to get a gift from Santa so early before Christmas. Following Santa’s visit the children were spoiled with old favourite jelly and custard, then some of the children climbed the top to see the Magaliesberg Range and well done to all at such a young age.

Our experience of the JHC kids Christmas party was a wonderful surprise, so much effort put in to each of the entertainment exercises the kids are already asking if they can again. Thank-you to everyone whom organised and a special thank-you to Jack Sparrow and his helper and Santa sparing some of his precious time to attend and well a good old faithful Graham whom looks after the grounds with such love and dedication.