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Easter Camp @Foothold Summary

In glorious Highveld weather, up to 18 JHC members enjoyed a fantastic Easter weekend at Foothold. The numbers fluctuated each day according to everybody’s personal plans. A little maintenance was achieved, some cleaning, selected bush clearing along the paths and new markings along a route, as well as plenty of hiking and lots of chatting, camaraderie and relaxation.

Those who had not been to Foothold since the upgrade, were extremely surprised at the pleasant appearance of the inside of Hikers Haven as the new curtains make the place look very homely. Thanks to all those concerned. The bush has grown since the cutback so Foothold members can be happy again.

Braai fires were lit each evening and on Saturday a small group enjoyed a potjie. Full moon made for a romantic setting. One grandchild came along and grandad had to get up early to hide the eggs – great excitement.

A disturbing sight greeted those who hiked to Western Pools. Squatters had set up camp, although it now appeared to be uninhabited. Several plastic sheets and buckets were scattered around and one could see where fires had been made.

Those who remained at Foothold until Monday morning were greeted with overcast skies and plenty of rain during the night. Packing up was in between the intermittent showers.

A suggestion came up that the Foothold Easter camp should perhaps be an annual event with its close proximity to Jhb when petrol prices are soaring and the autumn weather in the area is normally very pleasant. Maybe the Sunday hike should happen that weekend too– room for thought to the powers that be!!!