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B'Sorah 17 December 2017

Arguably one of the prettiest hikes on the Johannesburg Hiking Club calendar, B’Sorah is a 1 600-hectare cattle and game farm in Broederstroom that also offers visitors luxury tented and bush camping facilities.

The name B’Sorah is Hebrew, meaning “the good news” and for hikers that good news includes open grassland and riverine vegetation with extensive tree canopy cover under which to seek refuge from the sun. A collection of crystal-clear streams flowing into the Skeerpoort River provide opportunities to cool off while the rocky outcrops dotted around the farm offer just the right level of physical challenge for a summer hike, plus the bonus of amazing views over the Hartebeespoort area.

The terrain offers both demarcated trials as well as off path hiking for more adventurous hikers.

On arrival, as well as during the course of the hike, you are likely to see families of warthogs and troops of baboons while herds of Red Brahman cattle watch in fascination as fellow hikers negotiate routes over and under fences. The farm is also home to antelope including kudu, nyala, impala, blesbok and waterbuck, and several bird species.

B’Sorah is a nature lover’s paradise in close enough proximity for city dwelling hikers to experience a it as memorable day hike. It’s worth adding to your hiking to-do list.

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