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George Country Resort 17 - 27 December 2017

We all arrived at the camp site on the 17th December 2017. The site area was pretty much open. Most of the caravan sites had trees in their areas. Otherwise the camp was quite pleasant. This year there were only 16 of us, which made organizing venues for everyone very simple.

I must recommend what fantastic hikes we had down there along the Garden Route, and the weather was good except for the first day when we had to pitch our tents in the rain. The first hike we did was St Blaize Trail at Mossel bay. It started at the Light house and one walked along the coast to Pinnacle Point golf estate, which as 10.5 km distance. The views looking at the ocean from the top of the cliffs was beautiful. It is similar to walking along the Amalfi coast near Sorrento in Italy. At Pinnicle Point golf club house we all had something to drink, and looked at the views from their terrace.

The other wonderful hikes which we did were the: - Brown Hooded Kingfisher Trail 5km, Giant Kingfisher Trail from Ebb and Flow up to the waterfall 7km. The Swartvlei beach and Gerickes beach walk was a 12km at Sedgefield. The Groenvlei beach walk at Lake Pleasant 22km. There are so many hikes around this area. The only thing is transport to get there.

We had our Xmas lunch at the Coach House restaurant next to the entrance to our camp site. The food was wonderful, more than enough. No complaints. They beauty is that we can bring our own liquor. Happy hour was done two days before Xmas.

There was only one mishap at our camp site, Neville van der Merwe tripped over a root passing Dennis Cox tent at night, slipped and broke his ankle. He went into George’s hospital and had to have an operation. Thank guard Mike McCloughlin was available to drive Neville and his vehicle back to Johannesburg.

I must say that the Western Cape Garden Route is a holiday’s paradise for hiking.


Artice By: Neil Ransome

Photos By: Neville van der Merwe