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Stilbaai 6 - 12 January 2017

Our accommodation was a chalet named Wegkruip near Stilbaai East situated150 meters from the beach with breath taking view from the garden –and a path literally from the front door to the endless beach, so convenient for a quick swim after long days hiking.

We started our hike each day at specific times to fall in with the rhythm of the tides.

The first day at about 9km out after a water break, Diane had the bad luck to slip and fall. However expert first aid from Paula to the cut on her head soon had her on her feet, a decision was made that all would return to base hut with everybody assisting, some pitched in to carry something from Diane’s bag to make her pack lighter, others helped her over the rough and slippery rocks while others climbed to a house to the top of a huge sand dune seeking transport or medical aid Real comradery. The local hospital soon had Diane patched up and returned to us. She was told to take it easy for a few days. Ed decided to keep Diane company during her recovery. The seven remaining team members set out the next day along the same route to sleep under the stars. After 12km we arrived at a magic little spot just big enough for us to pitch our tents and sheltered from the wind.

What a beautiful experience, the sound of the ocean and an exquisite view of the milky way to lull one to sleep.

Low tide at 5.00am meant a very early start back to base camp on arrival we had fun playing the key game till at last we could sit down to some lunch and a long well-earned cool drink Every moment was precious This was an excellent and well organised trip, I enjoyed every minute of my time at the coast.

We started our hike each day at specific times to fall in with the rhythm of the tides.

On day four Diane and Ed were on duty as a taxi service to Jonensfontein from where we walked towards Stilbaai adventurous people swam in the rock pools. This hike was about 15km. On this stretch were a few ancient fish traps. We crowded into a little restaurant near the harbour to celebrate the days walk with locally caught sea food.

Day Five was a leisurely walk in a local nature reserve we marvelled at ancient milk wood trees and watched wild water fowl from the bird hide.

The perfect end to a perfect journey the whole group feasted on old fashioned style fish and chips in a little restaurant sooo lekker!!!!