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Bergheim - Sunday Hike

Don’t let the entrance to Bergheim put you off. Beyond the camping and self-catering chalets at the entrance of the property lies a challenging and varied adventure hike that will put your stamina and fitness levels to the test- and have you mentally congratulating yourself for having completed it.

One of the furtherest destinations in Magliesberg for club members, Bergheim offers four hike trails for leaders to choose from: A, B, C and D. All are challenging, however A is regarded as the so-called easiest although longest of the four. Trail B is a very steep ascent and involves hard climbing, Trail C leads to a beautiful waterfall while D starts out on a scenic route alongside a flowing stream and lush vegetation that serves up clouds of colourful butterflies

Hike leaders can elect to mix and match to and from routes however all converge at some point for the ascent up the more than 600 metre summit to the Magaliesberg escarpment. It’s steep, it’s rugged, it’s rocky and it’s not for cissies.

Once you’re there - and feeling on top of the world both literally and figuratively - there are a maze of kloofs and gullies for hike leaders to follow, leading to pools for your lunch stop. The descent is easier than the ascent, no question about it. Or, perhaps it’s just that you’ve fortified yourself with a swim and your sandwich and fruit lunch. Whatever the reason, you’re able to appreciate the change of scenery on your return leg, populated with scores of wild fig trees, aloes, cacti and clusters of pretty, yellow flowers.

Back at Bergheim, the resort’s freshwater swimming pool and the ice cream selection at the shop on site provide an opportunity to relax and refresh before heading home after your bucket list hike. Tick.

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