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Mid-Winter Camp 26 - 28 June 2015

The 27th June dawned dismal and grey and we all had a few misgivings after hearing on the weather forecast that a cold front was about to arrive in Gauteng. However, we were agreeably surprised.

I drove through patches of blue sky en route, but as I approached Foothold, there was a grey mist hanging over the escarpment. This however, worked to our advantage and provided a warm blanket over the camp with a minimal amount of cold wind.

Saturday afternoon was spent by a few of us on the bird walk. Ken cleared the path with his cutters, whilst Liz skilfully re-arranged all the red ribbon markers along the trail.

The club provided us with an excellent chicken curry and rice and delicious vegetables and there was more than enough for second helpings. Robbie arrived with the Gluhwein which had been blended by his expert hand and provided us with another warmth booster.

We gathered around a lovely log fire and were entertained by the dulcet tones of Sam's harmonica.

A successful and pleasant weekend was enjoyed by all.

Photos By: Merle Doctor