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Kaapschehoop 5 - 7 June 2015

18 people had put their names down for the hike, but due to flu and minor injuries only 9 eventually went.

We met at Kaapschehoop on Friday afternoon and proceeded to the railway coaches, a short distance out of town. After settling in the now rather neglected coaches the braai was lit and we all enjoyed the ‘happy hour’ together. The night was cold but not unbearable.

Saturday morning was chilly when we set off on our 15km hike through indigenous forest, then up on to the escarpment ridge where we enjoyed lovely views of the valley below. Stopping along the way for snacks and lunch, we eventually arrived at the Wattles Hut - an old forester’s house - which was neat and clean. We were lucky to see a small herd of wild horses along the way.

A ‘donkey boiler’ had been lit for us, so lovely hot showers were enjoyed by all. The old house had a lounge with a fireplace. Because it was chilly outside a fire was lit and we all prepared supper in the lounge. A herd of cattle arrived at the hut in the late afternoon and stayed there for the night.

The house was much warmer than our first night at the coaches.

In the morning we woke to heavy mist but it soon lifted and we set off through some very interesting rock formations. All the aloes were in full bloom and added a touch of colour to the lovely scenery.

Back at the coaches we showered and went into Kaapschehoop for lunch before heading home.

In summary it was a lovely weekend backpack, relatively easy walking with a number of hikes to choose from. A comfortable four hour drive from Johannesburg.