Backpackers standing on a scenic lookout


The JHC welcomes everybody (young and old) to come along and hike on one its Sunday or Wednesday Hikes (Please enquire with club adminstrator). Take note that the majority of our hikes are on very rough terrain with little to no marked paths, up and over steep hills involving strenuous climbs. The leaders of the JHC know the Magaliesberg very well, and know the best routes to take their group for a good days hike (we do offer different hiking levels - but fitness is still important. Level 1: Casual pace with regular breaks; Level 2: Medium Pace; Level 3: Medium-plus Pace; Level 4: Brisk). Although we do grade certain hikes as easy, this is purely based on how a regular hiker perceives the hike, being fit is IMPORTANT. The checklist below is there for you to ascertain whether or not you'll be able to hike with us (please don't fool yourself):

  • You're not a couch potato - you keep fit regularly.

  • You're able to complete all the day hikes at Suikerbosrand in one day (this includes the Bokmakiere Trail - 10 km and Cheetah Trail - 2km) - majority of our members find these hikes easy and recommend them to anybody wanting to start out hiking to attempt these trails first.

  • You're able to hike the 2.3km Geological Trail at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, and not feel exhausted. You should be able to do this short easy circuit at least 3 times in a row (No bookings required – Check location and opening times on )

  • You regularly do 10km walk around your heighbourhood (this should include 1 or 2 roads that are a little steep on foot) (Occasionally attempt a 15-20 km to engage how you feel after the walk)

  • You eat healthily on a daily basis (donuts and cake are not healthy).

  • You're aware of your health (no heart conditions, etc. - please consult your doctor).

There are a number of hikes available in Gauteng that are close to home, which will allow "you", the first time hiker, to be able to get your fitness up to a level you feel happy with. The following are great venues where the JHC regularly hikes at. These hikes can also be booked (either through the JHC or through a booking agent) and attempted with a group of friends (never hike alone):

You would be recommended to hike with level 1 for your first hike with us and thereafter take the next level if you feel you are fit enough.


Finally it is also important to inform the leader of the group in which you are hiking of any conditions that may affect you while out hiking. This includes various allergies (keep your medication with you) and will allow the leader to make a decisive decision as to where to take the group. You must bring your medical aid details and card just in case you need them too. So put on those hiking boots of yours and meet us at the designated meeting spot for a rewarding and good days hike. Welcome to the Johannesburg Hiking Club......please read our FAQ for additional information.