Slide Show & Club evening

The slide show/club evening is held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 19h00. Introduction of speaker starts at 19h30, and the presentation starts at 19h45, unless otherwise indicated in the programme. The venue is at Bryanston Sports Club.

The fee, as indicated in the program, includes tea/coffee and snacks, which are served after the slide show.


Friday, 20 April 2018 - Patagonia presented by Dobek Pater. Poster and info will be sent out nearer the time but book date.
Thursday, 24 May 2018 - Australia presented by Derrick Theck. Poster and info nearer the time but book date
Thursday, 28 June 2018 - Drakensberg presented by award winning photographer - Francois van Jaarsveld  Poster and info will be sent our nearer the time but book the date.

History of the Slide show

The first presentation was in December 1980 by Peter Faugust, our slide show specialist, and he has never missed a month since starting - congratulations Peter! He ran the slide show for many years, till stepping down December 2016, where he handed over the reigns of the slide show to Mary Reynolds.

May 1989 saw the 100th slide show and in October 1997 the 200th show was enjoyed...December 2016 saw the 487th slide show.

The choice of presenters has always been outstanding with subjects ranging from fauna and flora, hikes and mountaineering, and travel to interesting destinations.

Previously slideshows were held on the second Tuesday of every month, from 2017 a new venue and timeslot was chosen. Slideshows are now are the Bryanston Sports Club, every fourth Thursday of the month. If you have nothing to do on the fourth Thursday of every month (member or non member) please come along and join in - you won't be disappointed.

Meeting place and directions

Meeting Places listed below, are the places we meet up for specific events (e.g. Sunday Hike, Slide shows, etc), click on the meeting place to gain more information, as well to view/download the map.
It is recommended you arrive at the meeting place at the specified time!

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078 885 6505
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