Permits & Patrolling


Most of the hiking venues which the Johannesburg Hiking Club utilizes, are privately owned and permission has to be obtained prior to undertaking any hikes in these area.

The JHC owns the pristine property known as Foothold in the Magaliesberg. Club members may hike there at any time but arrangements have to made with the administrator for booking of the Hikers Haven cottage. Non-members have to obtain permits from the administrator to hike in this magnificent area.

The well-known and beloved area of Castle Gorge is jointly owned by the JHC, the Mountain Club of South Africa, several farmers from the area and others. This tranquil and beautiful area can be enjoyed by all BUT a permit system for non-members is in place to ensure its protection and preservation.

Without permits, you will be trespassing.

Permits can be obtained, at a nominal cost, from the administrator of the club, contact details can be found on the right of this page underneath "Contact Us".

Please carry your permit with you at all times as patrolling is carried out by the club’s members.


Regularly, members of the club patrol and if they spot you, they will request to see your permit. Club members should contact the administrator to ensure continuity with the patrolling system. Do your bit for the club but still enjoy a day of peace and tranquility.

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Permits & Patrolling