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Foothold » New Year @ Foothold
2016 / 2017
As a year comes to an end we look back in celebration to a year that was filled both with sorrow and joy. As of most, they celebrate the going of the old and the coming of the new, with friends and family. Between the days of 30 December 2016 and 2 January 2017, many of the JHC members came together to celebrate the arrival of 2017 at Foothold, and with that we leave you with memories of a great time that many had celebrating the start of a New Year...


Girl Guides » Foothold
25 January 2014
Ever been so excited yet so nervous about something that your body is covered in Goosebumps and your toes cringed? Well, this was happening as I, along with 10 girls and 3 of our adult leaders, approached an 8km hike up what was quite a steep, rocky, tree filled mountain...


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