Don’t be disappointed, follow these simple rules for all club events that require booking and payment. This includes camps, trails and certain functions.

Camp, Trail and Function Booking Procedure

Bookings can only be made through the Club Administrator, and not the Hike Leader, Camp Leader or Function Organiser.
The Leader or Organiser cannot reserve, hold, keep or book a place for you in any way.
Contact the Leader or Organiser only about issues other than booking and payment, such as organising lifts, directions, what to take, trail or camp conditions etc, and for trails, degree of difficulty, fitness level required, and advice on whether you are fit enough to do the trail.

Please note that when you book and pay for an away trail, camp or event, you are taking on the risk of not being able to get to the venue for any reason. The club cannot refund monies you have paid if you do not arrive for whatever reason – unless the club is able to get a refund for the fee it has paid to the venue to reserve your place. In that case the administation fee will still apply. This also applies if you have arranged or accepted a lift by another person who you are depending on to get you there and who is ultimately unable to do so.
For strenuous trails persons must first discuss their possible participation with the hike leader before booking with the Club Administrator. This requirement will be stated for such trails when advertised in the program. This requirement is put in place for trails where adequate strength and fitness is critical and could otherwise put you and others participants at risk.
Full payment is due when booking for an event (hike, backpack, camp, function). Bookings cannot be reserved by making a deposit.
Bookings are made on a first-come basis and only on proof of full payment. Members will be advised of their confirmed booking when proof of full payment has been received. However the onus is on the member to contact the Administrator to verify that their payment has been received. Members have priority over non-members.

As members have preference, bookings for non-members can only be accepted 3 weeks after bookings have been first advertised.
If an event is booked out members can still make full payment to secure a place on the Waiting List. In the event of any cancellations paid up persons on the Waiting List will, in sequence of payment received, automatically have their place confirmed. However they will be informed of this and be asked if they still want to take up the booking or alternatively cancel and receive a full refund. Paid up persons on the Waiting List can cancel at any time and have a full refund. Paid up persons still on the Waiting List when the event begins will receive a full refund.
If there are cancellations and there are no persons on the Waiting List who have fully paid, then persons who have enquired will be contacted. If there are still places remaining after that then the available places will be advertised again in the club Notices.
Bookings can be cancelled at any time but refund rules apply:

Booking Cancellations:

Refunds on Confirmed bookings cancelled prior to event date will be charged a cancellation fee as follows:

  • Cancellations > than 45 days prior to event = 10% of the net amount. (Min R100.00)
  • Cancellation within 44 to 30 days to event = 25% of the net amount.
  • Cancellation within 29 to 15 days to event = 50% of the net amount.
  • Cancellation within 14 days of event date = 100% of the net amount.

If a replacement can be found, then this clause will fall away but an admin fee of R100.00 per booked place will apply.

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