Backpack Hike

Fanie Botha
22 - 25 September 2017

12 Hikers did three days of the Fanie Botha Trail over the long weekend in September. Day 1 and 3 were nine kilometers each through pine forest - more a walk in and out. Day two was incredible beautiful. It takes you up through an indigenous forest all along a stream. One has to cross over the stream on 'bridges', pass several beautiful waterfalls all whilst climbing and climbing...... A classic hike one wants to do over and over again. We were a nice group of hikers very much supportive of one another.  A perfect way the celebrate SA's heritage weekend.


IMG_5562.JPG IMG_5565.JPG
IMG_5570.JPG IMG_5581.JPG
IMG_5583.JPG IMG_5593.JPG
IMG_5599.JPG IMG_5613.JPG

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